The Biocontrol E-training project (BET) has been initiated by 4 partners in France, Italy and Spain in order to promote Biocontrol’s skills & knowledge through EU with innovative & easy to access e-learning content.

01 Objective

02 Target group

03 How?

04 Duration

Increasing biocontrol´s knowledge and skills
Teachers, trainers, learners and professionals
Creating free
e-learning training materials
2018 - 2020


Please find below all the products our partnership will develop and implement during the BET project.

Product 01

Product 02

Product 03

Product 04

4 e-learning modules about biocontrol
in 4 languages
(EN, FR, IT, ES)
A learning management system (LMS) dedicated to Biocontrol
A comprehensive project guide
including all the project results



Associated partners


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